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At his late 30’s and still confused what to do with his master degree in communications from a reputable university abroad. Hani is a good talented young man that has worked for couple of years in different industries doing marketing. He has been assigned to multiple roles in the marketing department. Yet he has told me in one of our training programs, “I am not sure what to focus on and I certainly do not want to waste my time with a stupid employer”.

The digital marketing career

It is OK , and it is NORMAL. People get confused or feel lost sometimes, but it is important that you notice that you are. He can be anyone of us at certain stage of our lives . Why does this happen , why do we feel confused and not sure on our NEXT! I have worked with hundreds of marketing professionals over the past few years. The concern is almost the same, and the pain points are equally true. This game is changing so fast and makes you wonder mostly, how I am going to keep up and be relevant.

Horizontal vs vertical

I know it is not easy, and the abundance of information is not slowing down as an influx, on the contrary it is only increasing. So finding your track to focus and grow is becoming harder, because it seems all interconnected. I have been there and felt the same at some point of my life. This happens because you find that there are different areas of expertise required for each job in the digital marketing world. For example, The Search engine optimization, The Search engine marketing, The social media marketing, The database marketing (CRM), The content marketing, The display and video ads, The strategy , and The analytics and data. It is too much, I know. That is why for graduates, experienced marketers, entrepreneurs, or career shifters we recommend to go horizontal and learn about them all in the beginning to understand the full cycle and see the big picture first . You will learn what are the skills required for each job and then find yourself leaning towards one or more of them . This is where you go vertical deep diving into a speciality to master it. Each person has their own preference and passion that drives their capabilities. Someone would like numbers and analytics to be their day to day job, someone else would love to interact with people over social media marketing path, and so on.

The right digital marketing job

We have created an intensive program to teach you these topics in ten modules for Thirty hours over Five days so you can understand it all then focus on what you love the most and enjoy doing. The Triggers Academy digital marketing professional certification program is designed based on international learning and knowledge paths standards to help you have a strong foundation in this game .

The best marketing course

Win your game and join the brilliant talents in the next digital marketing course program .


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