The only wrong move when it comes to Digital Transformation is not to make any move at all


It’s the dawn of the digital age, and you have to be ready for it in order to shine above all your competitors or you’ll be forgotten. Deciding what to do can be hard especially with the abundance of digital tools.

With Triggers and the help of our “Trigger Makers”, you’ll be able to start and complete your digital transformation and get ahead of your competition and be a market leader in your industry.

Digital transformation is the use of technology to make quantum improvements – rather than more incremental adjustments – to an organization. It is more than a simple technology initiative. It is a strategy to completely overhaul an organization’s business model. For example, a company might leverage digital transformation strategies and tactics to overhaul its supply chain or renovate the way customers interact with the company.

Digital transformation can include any type of technologies, for example, ERP software like Oracle, eCommerce software like Shopify, Web applications, mobile applications, analytics, IoT…etc. Digital Transformation is all about flexibility and creativity of using technology without being limited by it.

Digital transformation is for small and big companies alike who are looking to stay ahead of the competition and relevant in this digital age. Are you looking to change your daily business routine to provide your customers with a better experience and have a robust supply chain? Then digital transformation is for you!

Starting digital transformation is a big risk, but the gains are high if performed correctly. The key part of a successful digital transformation is the approval of the decision makers because if they’re not invested, no one else in the company will be. Also, you’ll need specific and clear business objectives to achieve from the transformation and the right IT solution.
It is highly important to invest in the right partner that will help you with your journey to transform.

About Our Digital Transformation With them

Triggers helped us scale into new channels and win on our customers aspirations for more convenient experience with Spring Rose.
Hesham Alsuwailem - CEO
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Digital transformation benefits

The 5 big benefits of digital transformation that you’ll notice right away are:

1. Improved efficiency

2. Improved decision making

3. Improved reach

4. Improved customer satisfaction

5. Improved Profitability

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